About us


Welcome to the "About Us" section of the Modern Endpoint Management LinkedIn Group, a vibrant and rapidly growing community dedicated to the world of technology. Founded in March 2019 by Angel Garcia, our group originally bore the name "SCCM + Intune." However, it wasn't long before we evolved, adopting our current name and expanding our focus to encompass a broader range of technologies, including SCCM, Intune, W365, AVD, Security, macOS, and iOS.

Our journey has been one of remarkable growth and community engagement. In 2020, we celebrated a milestone of 10,000 members, a testament to our group's relevance and appeal in the tech world. This rapid expansion paved the way for the launch of our "Official Contributors" program. Today, this initiative boasts 22 Official Contributors, each bringing unique insights through a rich array of content such as videos, articles, blogs, and more.

As of now, our community proudly stands over 32,000 members strong. Our primary mission remains clear and focused: to maintain a purely technical profile, ensuring that all shared content is of high technical caliber. In 2021, we introduced our TOP 10 newsletter, a monthly digest that has already captivated over 10,000 subscribers. This newsletter highlights the most voted and commented posts, bringing the best of our community's insights straight to your inbox. If you haven't subscribed yet, don't miss out – request your subscription here: TOP 10 Monthly Posts Newsletter. https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/top-10-monthly-posts-6874780493640945664

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To get a glimpse of our journey and achievements, check out some of our milestone videos. These videos not only highlight our growth but also showcase the spirit and expertise that define our community.