Welcome to the Speakers section!

Our lineup this year is truly remarkable, featuring a diverse group of professionals at the forefront of the tech industry. From the active minds of our Official Contributors within our LinkedIn group to the technical prowess of MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) and tech influencers, our speakers are set to offer an unparalleled learning experience.

But that's not all – we're also joined by Microsoft's very own product managers and engineers, who will share insider insights and the latest advancements directly from the source. This unique blend of expertise across our speaker panel ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning journey for all attendees.

Get ready to dive deep into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in Endpoint Management, with sessions covering everything from Intune, Security, Autopilot, and Windows 11, to Automation, Low Code Solutions, Microsoft Graph API, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, Identity Management, and AI.

Each of our speakers brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a passion for sharing. They are not just leaders in their fields but also committed educators eager to engage with the community and foster growth. So, explore below, get to know our speakers, and prepare yourself for an enriching summit experience that will elevate your skills and expand your professional network.